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Healthy Scalp Tips for Bald Heads

The Bare Necessities


Whether you are getting a little thin on top, are partially bald, or are completely bald and smooth as a dolphin the importance of scalp care should be a priority in your self-care regime.

The key to this is understanding that it takes a long time for hair follicles to completely die. So if you are in the process of losing hair or have areas that still have active growth you need to treat those follicles right.

Beyond that, a scalp that has no active follicles at all deserves the same level of TLC as its actively growing counterparts. After all, your hair-free scalp still has its own concerns and if you think that someone who is bald has nothing to care about in terms of maintenance you would be oh so wrong.

The products you choose to use can also have a huge impact on your scalp health and appearance so these need to be considered wisely also. Everything from cleansers, moisturisers, to razors and shaving oils (for those who need to remove what hasn’t quite departed yet) will all play a role. Try to choose products specifically developed for bald scalps that while address your needs inherently.

Investing time on your scalp should be equally important as the skincare your use on your face. Lets look at what you need to know about keeping your scalp healthy when follicles are on the wane so you can look your best and feel confident.

Signs of an unhealthy scalp 


If you are observing any dry or irritated patches of skin, flaking, irregular pigmentation from sun damage, dandruff, have painful areas like cysts, or congestion in the follicles like acne or red bumps, you could be doing more for your scalp.

There has been a huge rise in the grooming market for products designed just for the scalp to address these concerns for both women and men. Why now?  

Men are becoming savvier about grooming and health. If you want great hair or the best possible hair for areas where growth remains you need to address the scalp where the root of all hair growth resides. It's the base where deep into the scalp dermis the living part of the hair follicle is located. If that follicle isn't in good shape, the hair won't be either.

An unhealthy biome for the follicles or your scalp often results in inflammatory responses and those pesky signs we just outlined. If you mess with these biomes, it can disrupt the sebaceous glands attached to each follicle affecting natural oil production, create weak or poorly developed hair, and ultimately can contribute to continued hair loss.

What’s the best way forward for a healthy scalp? 


It isn't rocket science to do better by your scalp, but many men think if nothing is up there, it doesn't need to be dealt with. You wouldn't do that for your face or body, so why should your scalp be any different?

Go Easy On The Cleansing


If you have some areas with active follicles, they should be cleansed with a gentle, sulphate free shampoo that won’t strip essential oils. This includes the shavers out there. Just because it’s been razed to the ground doesn’t mean you ignore those areas!

If you’re particularly sensitive, avoid fragrance or any alcohols which can irritate the scalp which in itself is a sensitive type of skin.

If you are all clear and have no active follicles, you can use body soap or wash on your scalp, but steer clear of those same harsh ingredients if you can. Your scalp is not as thick and tough as your body and facial skin.

Think about using a massaging motion with the pads of your fingertips. Avoid scrubbing or any nails getting involved and this will help increase blood flow to the surface of active follicles and feel indulgent for the rest of the scalp.

Exfoliate Gently And Always Moisturise


For areas with active hairs, exfoliation is a beneficial way of encouraging the removal of dead skin cell buildup which can be hampered by the presence of hair. If dead skin build-up and tangles with the sebum that active follicles produce from their individual sebaceous glands, it's a recipe for blocked pores, possible yeast buildup, and the always dreaded dandruff.

There are specially formulated scalp exfoliation formulas out there that can be used weekly or you can try using handheld rubber-tipped scalp massage brushes that will boost circulation and help dislodge dead skin.

Using gentle facial exfoliators formulated for the face can also be used lightly on the scalp to deflake and create the same brightening glow too.

One thing no man should go without is using shaving oil when you have to hit the razor and follow up with a moisturiser for all of those remaining smooth and shiny surfaces. The sebaceous glands still function when the follicle dies, but your scalp will need this supplementation to retain elasticity, firmness, and keep the moisture barrier of your dermis in good nick.

One last thing? Invest in a gel moisturiser with sun protection for daytime if you do nothing else. Your scalp with thank you for it and reward you with a more even tone, a reduced chance of hyperpigmentation and dark spots, and a better chance at keeping skin cancer at bay. Your scalp is the part of your body closest to the sun and bears the brunt of those harmful rays, so care for it accordingly.

Eat And Supplement Your Way To A Healthier Scalp


Finally, there are ways to have a healthier scalp that involves the choices you make for what goes into your body.

A diet with antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables is always beneficial to help counter free radicals in the body which puts our physiological systems under stress.

Supplementation with omega-3s (fish oil) can help reduce inflammatory responses and boost scalp circulation for those areas hanging in there with active follicles too.

Probiotics formulated for your gut can also help your skin overall, so will benefit your entire body including the scalp and its natural biome.

Your scalp is what you make it. Treat it right and you shouldn’t have to put up with any of those symptoms of an unhealthy scalp.

Looking good with a bald head has never been easier with the products on the market. Couple that with the increase in the number of men who are embracing the hair-free lifestyle with confidence and fortitude and you're onto a super-smooth winner.


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